Sunday, 15 May 2011

More Cats Pics

My interests in cats hasn't waned but now am content in observing them from far. Below are a collection of cat pics that I captured in various places - KL, Kedah, Rompin

In KL: This one here is called "Boifren" coz he's the only male cat around my apartment. He knows that I called him Boifren coz he would get closer to me but would never let me touch him. Feisty one, this is.

In Rompin: Three generations of cats sleeping together, the aunty cat called Belang is smothering the little one, but he doesn't mind, whilst the mothercat "Kelabu" doesn't care what happens to her kitten
Closer look at how Belang is smothering the littel one (he is nameless at the momemt coz we don't know if he would survive or not since his two siblings died weeks before)
Kelabu - Sleep with one eye open

Playing with its mother

I called him "Si Gemuk" coz he's fat like a cow and eats a lot - needs supervision during mealtime coz he hogs the catfood

Belang sniffing around

The little one in action

In Kedah: I met these two in Sg Petani when we were checking out houses there. They looked starved so I gave them some catfood
These two fatties were around the turkey cage at my uncle's house in Sg Petani. Not very friendly though and obviously about to burst with kitties.

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