Friday, 23 January 2015

A Day in the UN

This was way back in October 2013 when I became the Liaison Officer for the visiting Minster of Women Affairs to New York during the United Nations General Assembly. The assembly in 2013 had to be done in another UN building as the UN General Assembly Hall was under renovation
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon opening the session on Women's issue

Stevie Wonder was the guest of honour for this session. He was witty and funny and of course he had to sing something in
a capella. In short, we loved it!

Close up of Stevie Wonder. In case you are wondering, the lady in the box was a sign language person.

US Secretary of State John Kerry was also there to deliver his speech

I had my face in the screen!! Because the Minister was speaking next to me and the camera was on me instead of her. I had to control macho for what seemed and eternity but was probably only a couple of minutes!

The UN building - view from the park overlooking the east river

View from the UN park overlooking the east river and the Queensboro Bridge aka Ed Koch bridge

River patrol, security was tight throughout the UN General Assembly. If Obama was in town, helicopters would be busy around the UNb uilding

View of the park

C'est moi overlooking the UN building. a nice UN delegate helped me to take this picture

Part of the Berlin wall on display here

The café was cool they even had halal food on the menu
This was taken Oct 2014 in the proper UN General Assembly Hall. This hall was under renovation in 2013, thus the pictures above was taken at the temporary hall


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