Thursday, 28 June 2007

The Plan

Me and my other half have decided to got to Melaka for the anniversary. Well, rather I decided that we should go to Melaka and he just agreed with the suggestion. The plan was to go to Melaka, go sightseeing and see all the historical places, maybe take a river cruise and go for ikan bakar at Umbai. My other half digs places with sightseeing oppurtunities.
I remembered this quaint little hotel during my last visit to Melaka in 2005, the Aldy Hotel. It's situated right beside the A'Famosa Fort and within walking distance to all the other attractions like the Stadhuys, Jonker street, museums, etc. So, for this trip I decided to book the hotel online. It's a 3-star hotel, and have won an award for Best 3-star hotel from the Government of Melaka in 2005. The response to my email enquiry was quite prompt and the price is quite cheap RM135++ for Superior room. Checkout the website:
Can't wait to go on holiday again, eventhough its a short one and the distance is very near from KL. I think maybe I'm experiencing burn out from work. I can hardly come to work on time nowadays, usually go for long breakfast and lunch breaks, go home early as my mind stop working at 5.30pm (official working hours ends at 5.30pm for me:)). My sister acused me of being a typical government officer because of the freedom and I also have access to the internet, unlike her kedekut company:P. Normally, a 3 days off work can reenergize me by staying at home and doing nothing but I think this time around I need a longer break, or go attend courses (which Training Unit haven't send me in a long,long time) or be reassigned to another division (job rotation).
Talking about job rotation, maybe that's one of the reasons that I'm feeling this way. We are supposed to be rotated to other division or regional office or overseas office every 4 years, which I am overdue. Also, my organisation is going thru a major restructuring and our division will be dissolve. A few close colleagues have been transferred to another division, and I'm still stuck here. Maybe I need the change so that my motivation level will be up!

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Mrs.Curmudgeon said...

I love luxury hotels too...because I'm ngegeh.Haha.Hey, not bad lah Aldy Hotel.I love hotels with enough sunshine..and best of all, with that all colonial decor.Cute lah.And glad you had fun with your 'babe'.