Monday, 18 June 2007

cReAtiVE hAnDS

Some people have it, some people don't. Some learn it by attending classes or thru their friends. Some are gifted, they only need to see the end product and they can imitate it so well, you won't know which one was the original creation. I'm actually talking about creative hands, making handicrafts.

Unfortunately, I am one of those who don't have the skill and passion and patience to do handyworks. My mum on the other hand, is very creative and knows how to do beautiful bunga dulang. Apart from becoming our culture during wedding festivals, it has become a work of art, creating beautiful bunga dulang to be adorned on the tray bearing gifts to the groom/bride .

But my mum always strived to be unique and indepent in her creations and I think the end result comes from the sincerity of her heart. She does it for my wedding, my brother's engegament and now, helping friends out...and I think she is actually quite good in this! Her creations have matured with the experience of her hands. I hope my mum continues creating beautiful things.

This blog is specially dedicated to my mum:)


Mrs.Curmudgeon said...

THAT is so beautiful.I like the color scheme too.I wanted that color scheme previously for the akad nikah, but knwoing me, terus contrast, but it turn out great.Nevertheless, send my salaam toyour Mom and family!Miss you guys!*hugs*

By the way, i love your's so you.Ghasa kedak menar2 you dudok cita depan -_-

fantaghiro said...

some people are just gifted at this thing..
as for me, nahhh.. i am "keras tangan" so rather than destroying stuff in the name of creativity, i would rather leave it to the "chosen ones"..heheehhe..

Beautiful Life said...

Thanks guys for your comments....too bad my camera was not so good, the real thing was actually soooo beautiful. Fantaghiro was there to witness it....sayang we had to return it back to the real owner, lucky girl!