Monday, 25 June 2007

Wedding Anniversary

Next month I'll be celebrating my one year's wedding anniversary. One year?!! Already? So soon... can't believe its already been a year since we got married. I don't feel my life changing so drastically, we still haven't bought a house or a second car or produce any little ones. Maybe we are taking it easy unlike my good friend's aspiration, Mrs Curmudgeon. She recently got married and won't be working for a while, so her plans are: start making babies!
Ok, now back to my anniversary....Ms Fantaghiro suggested we do a barbecue or a steamboat party at my mum's home. I like the idea, but what I'm thinking more is like a getaway with me and my other half. This is my 1st ever wedding anniversary, and I should set a tradition like a romantic getaway, or do something special, so that we would be practising it again next year and the year after. You know, keep the flames burning. I can't think of anywhere brilliant to go at this moment, maybe somewhere near like Melaka, or Genting or PD and stay somewhere affordable and just hanging around, enjoying the food, culture and atmosphere. For now, I'll be hunting for the prefect getaway. Maybe It'll happen, maybe not. Depends on what other brilliant ideas I might have or how much more money I can spend for this.
God, I wish I had more money to spend, so I can splurge on whatever I want, whenever I want it! My other half is always complaining that I splurge too much and not saving enough for rainy days. But hey, a woman's affair with the shopping complex is neverending, there's always something that we need and we find excuses for them: that particular pair of shoes or bag that we've been eyeing is on sale, or I've run out of perfume and the new Bvulgari is a must have. For me, shopping is therapy, it relaxes the mind and empties the pocket. That's why by middle of the month, we'be turning to our husbands for pocket money :P
Just hope I'll find the perfect getaway or we'll just find something to do:)


fantaghiro said...

yeah I think you should have something special just for the two of you..
first anniversary, mesti la nak something that you can remember kan?

Beautiful Life said...

Exactly...but we can still do the steamboat or bbq thingy on sat night:)

fantaghiro said...

luv those steamboat!!

Mrs.Curmudgeon said...

i gotta boat..but no steam.

...i want my captain back!*wails*