Thursday, 14 June 2007

Beautiful Langkawi

I visited Langkawi on 10 May (which was the last day of school holiday) with my other half, we came on a Sunday and stayed on till Monday and managed to avoid the school holiday crowd:) Regretfully, it was a very short holiday but a most enjoyable one for me. We only spent one night in Langkawi, at Awana Porto Malai. I must say the view from the hotel room was really awesome as it is situated in a cove and the water is so blue with clear skies. It feels so calm to be so close to the sea, like your worries are blown away by the sea breeze....

I've always liked blue seas, I think all seas should be blue instead of brown, muddy colour. However, Emi begs to differ as she is so in LOVE with Frangipani Langkawi as it has one of the best sunset points in Langkawi. Great for sunset viewing, she says. Well, sunsets are not really my thing. I just like the blue, clear water.....its surreal like you're looking at a painting. You can never get the pictures right as the way you view them with your own eyes. That, or my camera sucks heh heh

I found Langkawi really enchanting and breathtaking and now I understand why people say its beautiful. On my previous trips to Langkawi, it was for work and you can never enjoy the place if you have to worry about work and the bossess :p This time around I came as a tourist, and I was on a mission to cover Langkawi as much as possible in 24 hours!

Well, we managed to visit a few touristic places like the Gunung Mat Cincang Cable Car ride (a must for anybody who wants to visit Langkawi, its like going to KL but not visiting the Twin Towers!), Underwater World (I must say bigger than Aquaria KL and more impressive), Pantai Pasir Hitam (or the Black Sand Beach, but a bit disappointing as it was dirty and unkempt), the Pantai Cenang stretch (good food, good shopping). We wanted to visit Beras Terbakar, but it was pasar malam day on Sunday at the entrance so we ditched the idea as it would be a hassle to find a parking space and go thru the pasar malam.

I'm still thinking of the wonderful memories that I had in Langkawi and I feel that I need to return to Langkawi for another holiday :)

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