Thursday, 9 October 2008

My favourite number 5

Trivia is taken from Roy Lazim's fotopages

5 things found in my bag

~ handphone - can't live without my handphone

~ wallet - to store all the "moolah" (Ash's word)

~ MP3 player

~ makeup kit - only time for me to make up is while driving to work, at the red lights.

~ car & house keys

5 things found in my purse

~ My Identity card

~ ATM card

~ Driving licence

~ Money

~ pengorek telinga - in case my ears get really itchy when I'm in the office!

5 favorite things in my room

~ my hubby's laptop - with broadband connection so I can go online at nights

~ my hubby - haha he's always in the room with the laptop

~ clothes

~ home decorating magazines & storybooks

~ my kittens - when they play hide and seek in the room

5 things I’ve always wanted to do

~ Quit my job

~ travel the world

~Open a business - like a book store or a bakery

~ Write a novel

~ Cook like a chef

5 things I’m currently into

~ house hunting

~ blogging

~ surfing the links on my blog

~ rearing kittens

~ watching DVDs

5 people i'm going to tag

~ La Signora

~ Noreez Azlan

~ Ziah


~ Ash


Ash said...

I'm done with the tag! :-P

la Signora said...

"rearing kittens" alahai, if only i could get sekor dua from kitty takes FOREVER ...still on waiting list til the kitty weans.

noreez said...

am on ma way..huhu..eheh..pusak ko tino jer ekk nuwal? sik da jatey ekk? nk carik calon menantu arr..pusak aku tino, mix persian, fat, fussy, only drinks from a cup,loves to play tag-ur-it and a very senyap cat..not much meowing..interested??..sile isi borang ..huhuhu(buat advertisement jap)

Beautiful Life said...

wah cepatnya korang respond to the trivia.

Lisa: yup my kitties tgh membuas dlm rumah...sometimes they sleep with us in the room, not that we invited them in..they sorta jump in and make themselves comfortable on the bed or bakul kain or tikar sarawak or my nicely folded baju...have to give them up once they wean off.

Noreez: eh ko mauk kah pusak? Next batch lah early next year. Kah la gambar pusak kau huhu

noreez said...

ooo..mok gambar pusak aku?? haha...tgk blog den skarang jugak..hahahha

ziah said...

i think i did this one already....