Sunday, 19 October 2008

My Wishlist

Gaji dah masuk!! Including my elaun memangku E44. *pat on the back*. I have a wish list:

1. Buy meself a good watch
- haven't decided what to buy yet, anything nice at the Mall would be fine. I'm so malas to go to KLCC
2. Buy meself a good perfume
- was thinking about Love in Paris by Nina Ricci or Rose Essentialle by Bvlgari or 5th Avenue by Elizabeth Arden. Another alternative I can ask my colleague who is going to Malaga, Spain and stopping over in Paris to buy for me
3. Buy meself a good leather handbag
- Hilly or Balenciaga or Bonia
4. Polish my car
- been wanting to do this since June, but always run out of money before I get the chance to do it

A self-centred list, I'm sure. My money, my business haha


salzahari said...

CONGRATS! cepatnya mangku 44..hang batch bila?aku nih lupa amik PTK duh (lupa tarikh) .kena tunggu thn depan lak.hampehss !!

indecisiveness said...

me wana handbag tooo!!!mine is too small to just put all my-God-knows-what stuff.Bag hunting is sooo ON!

Beautiful Life said...

Salzahari: Aku ni kira lambat dpt mangku, batch aku dah ada yg confirm....kira miss boat tp alhamdullilah dpt la mangku...harpanya lulus lah nanti

Indecisiveness: I still owe you a birthday present hehehe