Saturday, 18 October 2008

Blog "facelift" and Weekday Updates

Ta-da! Just got new facelift for my blog coz: 1. getting tired of my old layout; and 2. same layout with Salfaryna (sorry Sal, I get confused with our blogs heh heh).

Updates for the week:

I was quite busy with presentation for the newly appointed Research Officers (RO). They have a one year contract with us and will be assisting for the survey under my unit. Total pax for the new RO are 7, but under my supervision (old + new RO) are 20 pax, scattered around Malaysia. Oh boy...we have to supervise them on the survey forms submitted, their claims and other welfare. On top of that, I had to present to them about something which is quite new to me, and I think I managed to pull it off (cewah, masuk bakul angkat sendiri)....but, of course with the help of my super-colleague, Aza de Kaza.

Also, quite preoccupied with writing. My uni-mate, who coincidently happened to be my colleague now, had asked me to do an article for a travelogue that he and a bunch of other people were trying to publish. I was so flattered that he asked me to write...I'd never published anything and this was the closest that I can get to being published. The only catch was that it had to be written in Malay! So I was struggling a bit to write it coz the only time I write in Malay is for karangan in school and minutes of approval (which was pretty standard template). That was in July and I thought that they'd shelved the idea. Suddenly last week he was asking about the article. So I dug it out again, showed the draft to Jamilah (which I did half in Malay and half in English). Jamilah said it sounded like Indon, so I rewrote the whole thing back. It came out quite good, considering that I don't write in Malay... Ms Fantaghiro said that she felt like reading the travel pages off majalah Jelita I already have about 5000+ words and I just have to finish off the ending and submit it to the Editor soonest possible.

Was also busy with planning jamuan Hari Raya for the two divisions. FYI, Abang Aza had decided that she doesn't like the existing division and therefore, changed the whole structure of of our organization, again. As a result, my division has been combined with another division, which makes the total number of workforce up to 90++ pax. What a headache, especially dealing with people's comments and critics on the arrangements and planning. To say and do are two different things, I had a hard time......Again, Aza de Kaza was to my rescue. In the end, we managed to pull it off, and was considered quite a success since this is the first time the two division actually get together. Methinks the next time, we'll just stick to our own division's potluck!! Less headache, more fun, more food! By the way, I'd ordered from Noreez Azlan the yummiest Laksa Sarawak I've ever tasted. Highly recommended if any of you wants to do party catering. Her Laksa Johor's very yummy too.

The kitties again. They've outgrown my flat. Every time I opened the front door, they'd scurry to go out. But I'd to contain them in for fear that they'd be kidnapped before I can deliver them to their prospective owners. Happened to one of my kitties (batch 2) last time. Now they'd taken sleeping in our room, and even in our bed. I must say that it's quite unhygienic but they just find ways to get in the room. Same goes when I locked them outside the kitchen door. They pry open the door just enough for them to go in with the help of their Mami. Also, had trouble with their litter sand. I'd bought one of those clay litter, totaly bad experience. It doesn't cover the smell of faeces, doesn't clump nicely and the colour's just horrible when the cats stained it with urine. So today, I had to go buy Tesco's Premium Lightweight Litter. This is by far, the best brand of cat litter I'd ever used - easy to scoop out the faeces, it smell nice, and the colour's ok. Bought 20 packets of the Whiskas pocket wet food - that'll last only 2 days and a half. Will buy more when gaji masuk on monday. Planning to send them off for adoption in one to two weeks time...have braced myself for this, I'm sure I'll be sad to give away the kittens but at least I'll know they'd be in good hands....

Lately the internet connections was very bad at nights, maybe due to heavy rain from 3pm till late at night. Couldn't upload more kitties pics coz connection was lembap like hell.

So I guess that's the updates for the past weekday, Will update more soon.

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