Monday, 27 October 2008


It's a bird, it's a, its K.A.O.S and MAYHEM, the supercats that have destroyed a roll of kitchen towel in my living room!

This was taken two weekends ago, but since my hubby's laptop is busted, couldn't download it soon.

K.A.O.S at work

The perpetrators


"Aku tak bersalah"

MAYHEM at work

Them at it again

"Sniff...snifff...I found a clue"

Tired after a hard day's work of making a mess of my living room
Got more picture on the kitties...will download them again....


la Signora said...

ha ha ha.Tongkang pecah.I've ONE kitty pun dah pening, lagi²lah 3 active ones!

Beautiful Life said...

yeah one or three kitties, sama pancho by the way!!!

noreez said...

huhuhu...binky pun pernah buat benda tok... kitchen roll, tissues(from the box) n also toilet roll. geram jak..she can actually masukkan her paw lam kotak tissue n pull em out one by one.