Saturday, 22 August 2009

Cake Deco Class with Yasmin Sanusi

Yasmin Sanusi's book on caked deco using fondant

Salam Ramadhan to all..

Yesterday was our cake deco class with Yasmin Sanusi, organized by Aza De Kaza who is Puspanita's Pengerusi Kraftangan & Keusahawanan. The class was RM190 for a 5-hour session and there were 15 participants in the class. We were taught how to make cupcakes, buttercream icing, how to ice a cake, decorate cupcakes with 6 different designs - Elmo, teddy bear, clown, swirl, rabbit, and one decorated with coloured piping gel. More info on cake decorating class can be found on Yasmin Sanusi's website.

I'm not really a fan of cupcakes but the ones that Kak Yasmin baked in class was the yummiest and fluffiest I've ever tasted. It was a basic yellow cupcake recipe in which she substituted vanilla essence with orange flavour. She'd also taught us how to fill in piping bags with buttercream, some neat tips on how to soften or harden the buttercream, depending on what you want to decorate. If you want to make a sitting clown, then you should harden the buttercream by sifting in more icing sugar, you know its stiffer when you spoon just stands in the icing. If you want to make some delicate motif like leaves, then add more milk to soften it.

Aza De Kaza with her cupcakes. During the class, she kept saying "Ini bukan bidang aku!" And look how her cupcakes turned out! I believe anyone can do it, just need to learn the techniques

Soon to be mummy, Teena with her cupcakes. She also made some of the most beautiful roses in the class.

Mother of four - Kak Lin, proudly displaying her decorated cake and cupcakes.

All in all, it was a fun and quite tiring 5 1/2 hours of class, but we did learn a lot! Kak Yasmin did a really good job teaching us the decorating techniques. Now I know what's its all about, I can decorate my own cupcakes! Next, I would like to learn cake deco using fondant with kak Yasmin, which she I believe is more of her specialty. Look in her website and you'll see many creative things that she had created from fondant such as the burger cake and cactus cupcake.

*FYI: Cake and cupcakes that I decorated yesterday were given to my neighbour who have 5 children, they were so delighted to see the decorated cupcakes:)


Kerabu Jantung said...

comenya cup cake Nuwal!

la Signora said...

O yay!! Cupcakes! Not bad for a first timer!Oooh, after this mesti your cupcakes over-over gitewwww!

I'm not a fan of cupcakes.However, I'm a big muffin fan.Mmm.Muffins....

By the way, here's a little site that would keep you entertained when it comes to all things fondant

♥you, keep up the good work (next time when I pop in KL, you're baking me pretty cupcakes!)

hnyhar said...

waaaa...bestnye nuwal..terer laa nuwal buat deco tu..aiseh..yumm yummy...

Beautiful Life said...

Kerabu Jantung: Terima kasih, terima kasih:)

La Signora: I will bake you the very nice yellow cupcake and also orange poppyseed muffin (ready made mixture from Bake With Yen). Sebenarnya aku gik konpius dgn muffin and cupcake. But kak Yasmin said that muffin lebih cakey compared to muffin, so cupcakes more soft and fluffy. Thanks for Cake Wrecks, fondants are like plasticine. Its like grown up playing time:)

Hynhar: Thanks....boleh saya ajarkan kalau sudi:) kalau tak akak nengok jer kat website kak Yasmin, mesti boleh ikut!

Min Bakingproject said...

Salam dik, tkasih sudi join kelas akak hari tu ye. Akak enjoy ajar korang semua.. good luck in your cake decorating ye. Tq.