Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Today, Yesterday and the Day Before

Today is Adam's birthday, my brother's son. He turned 1.

Yesterday was my birthday. I turned 31.

The day before was my Hisham's birthday, my younger brother. He turned 28.

I wanted to write about it yesterday, but so many crazy things happened yesterday. I finally got the transfer order to MYCEB, effective 1 September. Bonda wasn't exactly enthusiastic about it. I had gotten an earful from her since she found out last week. I had to play the innocent victim in all this.

This year is the most I've gotten birthday wishes from friends and family. Thank you Hubby, Kerabu Jantung, Kolat, Ms Fantaghiro, Azura, Cik Lili, Zaza, Fairdaos, Karen, Karene, Mei Phing, Kak Yaz, Kak Norizah, Edy, Shasha, Aza De Kaza, Kak Lin, Gojie, Awang, and others...

Last night, I went out to live my life. Ms Fantaghiro and Kolat treated me to Sushi King and Coffeebean.

Cuppies sold by abang gentle we found outside Coffeebean Ampang Point. The deco was made from Royal icing and the muffin was made from kind of Brazilian coffee/choc (can't remember the details). per box is RM10. Ms Fantaghiro bought one for me coz she was supposed to buy me some cupcakes in Pavillion.

Sushi! What more can I say!!
Kolat mengediks and Ms Fantaghiro doing her boring post

Oh, Liza Idayu smsed my from Pusrawi wishing me happy birthday while we were in Coffeeebean. Apparently she's having contraction and can't wait to get into labour. Will call her to find out her baby status.
Interesting birthday I would say.


salzahari said...

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY dear! really wish we can meet some day to catch old time stories....

Kerabu Jantung said...

Congratulations on your new transfer order, that is where you belong I suppose.

The birthday rhyme was done by ayah.

Ayu's son has the same birthday as Adam!


hepi besday nuwal!!

adianiez AIDA said...

wal, happy birthday...

fantaghiro = siti fatima ?
oh god. siti fatima long time no see.
kolat--> your adik ker? nuyun?

adianiez AIDA said...

wal, your bday dekat dgn ex-bf aku punyer bday. megat azlisham. u remember him?

Beautiful Life said...

Sal, Kerabu Jantung & Fad: Thanks for the wishes:)

Adianiez: Ya betul tekaan kau! Aku ingat Sham...and betul bday dia sama dgn aku. Yg best nya dlm opis aku pun ada seorang mamat same bday dgn aku. Jarang betul lelaki bday 25b Ogos hehehe