Friday, 12 September 2008

Happy Belated Birthday, Jamilah!

Jam and me on the streets of Milan '07

Dear Jamilah,

Happy belated birthday on September 11
When you told me yesterday that it was your birthday
and you waited for me to wish you, I felt bad
I am so sorry that I have forgotten you birthday
You know that I am terrible with birthday dates
So please forgive me in this shortcoming.

That aside, I want to wish you many happy returns of the day
May Allah bless you always and grant you with rezeki in the future
You are a beautiful, wonderful, thoughtful and funny person
You always think things through, and dispenses the best of advice
You are like a rock on which everybody depends on
Certainly for me, as I always look up to your wisdom
and enjoy our conversations and hanging out sessions
I think I have found a kindred spirit in you
And hope that our friendship continues to flourish in the future
Happy Birthday, dear friend!


jam-e-jam said...

thanks nuwal, nvr thot dat u wld post it up, and nver thot that our friendship gets dis far. Well far enuff for a girlfriend, in my case..hehe

well, m honored to be in esp manala tau kan publicity sket arr sapa2 berminat tu..muahahah..

dat pix whc i dun have, brings us to the thot of 'our-crossing-path', came about once in a lifetime..priceless!

stay on friends, in good n bad times..thanks again

Beautiful Life said...

Jams...also never thought that we can have a friendship outside the hopefully we'll stay as good friends, as you say, in good and bad times.....