Thursday, 18 September 2008

Tagged by Tinie

Trivia courtesy of Tinie, who've tagged me. So here goes:

The Who’s

Who Was The Last Person You Talked To? My sister

Who Was Your Last Kiss? My hubby

Who Knows The Most About You? My sister

Who Can Make You Laugh No Matter What? Mr Bean

Who Can You Always Count On?

Who Has Your Heart? My hubby

Who Is or Was Your Favorite Teacher In School? Can't remember

Who Is Your Best Friend(s)? Ms Fantaghiro, La Signora, Noreez

Who Loves You? My hubby, family, and friends

The What’s

What Is Your Favorite Song At The Moment? Tangled by Maroon 5

What Are You Looking Forward To? Breaking of fast today hehehe

What Is Your Favorite Color? Green

What Website Do You Visit Most? My Blog and all the links to it:)

What Is Your Favorite Smell? 5th Avenue by Elizabeth Arden

What Is Your Favorite Movie? Midnight Talk (Polish)

What Makes You Mad? Stupid drivers on the road

What Curse Word Do You Use A lot? A**hole

What Kind Of Phone Do You Have? LG

What Was The Last Song You Listened To? Disturbia by Rihanna

The When’s

When Was The Last Time You Went To The Mall? 2 days ago

When Did You Talk To Your Crush Last? N/A

When Do or Did You Graduate? 2002

When Is The Next Time You’ll Do Something Fun? This weekend - house hunting

When Was The Last Time You Ate or Drank Something? Sahur this morning

When Is Your Birthday? 25 August 1978

When Was The Last Time You Went To The Movies? Sometime in May 2008

When Is Your Parents Birthday? Dad (23 September), Mum (14 November)

When Were You In The Car Last? This morning, driving to work

When Will You Be 21? N/A

When Will You Be Taking Your Next Vacation? In November to Terengganu

The Where’s

Where Do You Live? Gombak

Where Is The Best Place To Be? Home where I can laze around

Where Was Your Last Vacation? Pulau Lang Tengah, Terengganu

Where Were You Born? Kuantan

Where Is Your Best Friend? Kuala Lumpur

Where Was The Last Place Your Were Besides Your Own House? Office

Where Do You Think You’ll Be In 10 Years? Maybe posted overseas hehe

Where Is Your Cell Phone? On top of my workstation

Where Are Your Parents? At home in Gombak

Where Was Your Display Picture Taken? N/A

So there, I've finished my trivia. I now would like to tag these people and welcome them to repost this on their blog:

La Signora
Noreez Azlan
Hanani Kifli


TiNiE said...

thanx ek nuwal...hihihi

noreez said...

huhuhuhu...on my way ....huhu

hnyhar said...

i'd be very pleased to accept it..juz wait 4 the post ya..byknyer soalang..

Ash said...

On the way, on the way! :-)

Beautiful Life said...

To all the babes yg repost balik this trivia, thanks!! Saja jer tag org masa boring2 hehehe

noreez said...

yuhuuu babe...bila mok update gik tok??? update! update! update!(sambil bawak sepanduk update...hehehe)

Beautiful Life said...

Hi babe...sorry lambat update, ada gago sikit polah report research....gik pening dgn SPSS huhu

noreez said...

wahaha...sip bait aku siap embak sepandok nunggu ko update..mun aku embak benda lain..camne??'mind then..take ur timelah mun gik gago..:)