Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Updates on workplace

Yesterday already reported duty in my new workplace - Research Division. Had our first division meeting with the Director, who is also new there. Turns out that I will be heading the Kajian Taburan unit. However, this is work in progress and I will be an understudy to a colleague who was also hands-on in this project. The survey focuses on the trends of traveling or visiting tourism hotspots by local or foreign tourists. Seems like I'd missed out the fun part, when we actually get to go on the field - around major tourism destinations in Malaysia and interview people. Now the survey is in the final process of reporting & writing and giving feedbacks. So, I'd to follow up from there...what a bummer. Hopefully, I'd have the chance to go on other surveys next time or be sent for overseas courses. Since I'm out of Convention division, there will be less traveling for me - I was scheduled to go to Cyprus and Victoria, Canada this year. Due to this transfer, my chances are off.

Anyway, had to learn new jargons for research such as data cleaning (where the officer need to vet thru the questionnaires to make sure each question is answered by the respondent). My head's already spinning from the handing over notes from my predecessor, luckily she was still around to explain things to me. Reason that she was still there at her old place was because she couldn't move her things to the new place as the officer there who was also suppose to move, haven't packed his things. He haven't packed his things because the new place that he was suppose to move have a space problem. So, in turn I was unable to move to the new place until 4pm this afternoon.

Have plugged in my computer, but haven't turn it on to test it. On the survey, have to wait tomorrow when my partner, or rather mentor, comes back to teach me all about this survey. Haven't unpack my boxes for fear of moving again temporarily due to office renovation.

Already feeling a mixture of sad and happy at the new job. Sad because I'm leaving Convention which have been my learning grounds on tourism and specifically the MICE industry. I have made many friends in the course of six years be it from the office and also the tourism industry - from hotel, travel agents, PCO and association. As I told my colleagues, the move to Research is not a parting as I will still be around to support them. I'm also feeling happy because I will be learning new things and most importantly, I won't be bogged down by my previous projects. Being in Convention, you always get a lot of ad-hoc projects which is normally last minute. As far as what I'm told in Research, the job's is scheduled and at times, routine.

So, shall see what lies tomorrow onwards....

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