Monday, 8 September 2008

My Kitties: Batch No3

They were born late July 2008. Unfortunately, I wasn't home to witness it as I was in Rompin with my mum. Hubby took some pics of Mami in labor. All in all, 3 kitties were born this tim. They have soft, medium long hair. Ironically the looked almost like the second batch.

Kitties about 1 month old, still sleeping in the box

Kitties romping around

Feeding time - about one and half months old now

He's my favourite kitty - very elegant demeanor

Their favourite napping place when I allow them in the house,
under the kithen table and behind my periuk

Eating whiskas with his Mami

Tired after romping around, they sleep on the rug on top of their cage

I've decided the fate of the kitties: one will be given to Aja, my hubby's sister. She was promised orange kitty from my second batch but that didn't materialize as that kitty was stolen in front of my house. So I kinda owed her this kitty....

Another will be given to Gojie, my office mate who had generously agreed to take all three of the kitties when I told her that I didn't want to seperate them.

The last kitty, maybe I'll keep him. The black one, I like the black kitty. Well not really black, he's more tortoise-shell colored.

Basically, I've taken care of three batches of kitties, starting from September 2007. It's a bit difficult rearing cats when you live in the second-storeyed flat. The space is very constrained for the kitties to run around.

With the first batch, I was a bit clueless on cat's hygiene. I had to keep them in a cage to prevent them from crapping around the house because the kitties dunno how to crap in the litter box. So they had to crap in the cage where they sleep and I would have to clean it everyday. I was under a lot of stress. Then the kitties developed some type of kurap. I had to cut off their fur in order to rub in Canisep, the anti fungal cream. In the end, my hubby decided to bring the kitties back to kampung coz they'd have more space to run around. Only one survived, while one kitty died and one went missing. He turned out to be one sleek black cat. Still dunno how to crap in litter box at least it was discreet to do it on grass or sand.

Batch no 2: I had more experience with cat litter. So, when the kitties started crapping and peeing, I put them near the litter box and forced the kitties on the sand. They got the drift and I managed to toilet train them. Again, they outgrew my flat and I had to give two away. One kitty was supposed to be given to my sis in law got lost, so I'm replacing it with the third batch.

Waiting for three months to seperate the kitties from their Mami. Till then my house will be quite havoc with the kitties running up and down the furniture, and even treating us like a furniture when they jumped on us. Will post more pics on the kitties later on.

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