Monday, 22 December 2008

Criminal Minds Season 3 Marathon

Spent the weekend with marathon of Criminal Minds Season 3 - 6 DVDs in total of 20 episodes. I love Criminal Minds, I think the team is awesome and their cases are mind-blowing. Result after watching the complete 3rd season: so many insane people in this world, especially in America. Its not safe to go to America lest you become a victim of some psychopatch killer *shudder*

Criminal Minds the series is based on a team of profilers at the FBI's Behavioural Analysis Unit (BAU) in Quantico. Their core job is to profile serial killers behaviour and help the local PD to solve the cases, so there's extensive travelling in their ultra-cool jet by looking at the crime scene and basically try to be in the killer's shoes. They look at little details, "nothing is too small". It is mind boggling on how they can arrive at such deductions, but then, if I paid more attention to Introduction to Psychology back then, I would've understand it better haha

Anyway, season 3 started with the introduction of Joe Mantegna as the replacement to Mandy Patikin. One of the reasons that I loved to watch Criminal Minds initially was because Mandy Patinkin was brilliant as Jason Gideon, the head of FBI's BAU. He was also brilliant as the tortured doctor who sang and played the piano in "Chicago Hope" in 1994. I was a bit down when he left the show, and convinced that other actor couldn't play his part well. Enter Joe Mantegna as David Rossi, the original creator of BAU, who have left the unit for the past ten years. He is street smart and he also knows his psychology.

The strength of Criminal Minds is that the team of BAU are all powerful with the brooding Thomas Gibson (best known as "Greg" in the comedy "Dharma & Greg"), smokin' hot Shemar Moore, AJ Cook, Paget Brewster, Matthew Grey Gubler (as the bumbling Dr Spencer Reid) and Kirsten Vangsness (as Penelope, the tech savvy analyst chick).

Ending of season 3 was a cliffhanger with the serie titled "Lo-Fi", about a suspected group of terrorists who have been going around in New York, wearing dark hooded clothes and killing people at point blank range in the middle of the day on the streets and subways. The serie ended with an SUV carrying one of the agents to blow up, and thus the question, which agent was hurt/killed? I sneaked a peak at Criminal Minds Fanatic website last night to find out the answer, which was already commented in website sometime in June 2008. USA viewers are already watching season 4. Couldn't wait for the season 4 DVD to come out, I'm going to watch everything in one seating. Not generally patient with waiting for the series to play on air, which is now mid season 3 and air on 8tv at 10.30pm every Monday night. By the time which I may have accidentally slept or watched another DVD...

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