Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Travel Bug

I was in Kedah last week with the in-laws for a jalan-jalan session. There were 9 adults and 2 children and a 3-car convoy. Our itinerary was going to Pekan Rabu and Padang Besar. My! How Padang Besar shopping area have grown, from 1 complex to 3 complexes. I haven't been to Padang Besar since 2002, so wasn't expecting much and thought that the trip would be a dud. Was pleasently surprised with all the shops around, so we had a fun time exploring. What you can find there? Ala...your basic barangan Siam like periuk, kuali, bantal kekabu Siam, baju, some imitation products to keep the boys happy i.e. football jersey and hiking bags.
We stayed in budget hotel called Hotel Seri Gemilang in Alor Setar which cost only RM60 per night (no breakfast!) and was within walking distance of Pekan Rabu...also had fun in Pekan Rabu buying kuah rojak Mak Bee, kuih loyang madu (serious sedap!) and dodol.
I'm bitten by the travel bug again! Have whipped open 2009 calendar with a few destination ideas to go, courtesy of Kam and Jam. So, if you wanna be inspired on where to go for your next trip, can have a look at my list:
Prospective Destinations:
1. Padang Besar
– can go by bus, train or drive, overnight in Bukit Kayu Hitam (my aunty’s house), on way to include a trip to Zoo Taiping's nite safari.
2. Taman Negara
– Xscape package by Tourism Malaysia ranging from RM100++ (free n easy) or RM400++ with guided tour
3. Singapore
– for clearance sale in Jan 2009, just take a bus to Causeway, or, you can drive into Singapore, which is FOC
- good bargains for perfumes in Mustafa, which is like Mydin here, but they open 24 hours
- another is Lucky mall for other stuff - fashion, perfume, etc.
4. Hatyai / Koh Sa Mui
– can take train to Hatyai and take a packaged tour or just free and easy.
5. Pulau Sibu, Johor
– take a bus to Johor then follow packeged tour about RM250++, 1 snorkeling and meals (2 days 1 nite). More info visist:
6. Paka/Cherating
- slow drive about 3 hours from KL to Kuantan, bypassing Cherating and end up in Paka, staying in Rumbia Resort - banglo styled resort less than RM200 per night. BBQ by the pool.....nice! Also, they have the new KLCC mall in Paka, which was styled like Suria KLCC but scaled down to one storyed building.
RALAT: The mall is actually called Mesra Mall (by Petronas) situated in Kertih which is about 15 km away from Rumbia Resort in Paka.

Prospective Dates:
Januari 1-4 (New Year – have to take leave on 2 Jan)
Jan 24- 27 (Chinese New Year!!) – not advisable to go round…expect heavy traffic.
Jan 31 – 2 Feb (Federal terrritory day for KLians only)
Feb 7 – 9 (Thaipusam)
March 7 – 9 (Maulidur Rasul)
May 1 – 3 (Labor Day)
August 29 – 31 (Merdeka)
Dec 18 – 20 (Maal Hijrah)
Dec 25 – 27 (Xmas)
P/s: Going to Singapore on this Xmas day to fetch my bro-in-law landing in Changi. Then we go jalan2 around Singapore and shop in Mustafa. Hope to find good bargains there.


salzahari said...

pnh smapai sekali je di Pdg Besar 2006 time hntr cousin hubby kahwin org Ayer Hitam.
mmg best gak nak shopping tp time flu! so sgt penat menggagahkan diri..

going to Kuching on Jan.8th with hubby family..stay kat Crowne Plaza kot?! Okay ke situ, food halal tak?
(halal scope in hotel industry has being discussed by Dr Mashitah last Sunday on Nasi Lemak Kopi '0' channel 9).

Beautiful Life said...

Wah Crowne Plaza quite nice hotel plus attached with shopping complex. Nak jalan2 ke Main Bazar pun dekat jer lalu riverside. Not sure about halal status in the hotel. But you have other alternatives i.e foodcourt in Temenggung Jugah Mall, Sarawak Plaza (sebelah Holiday Inn). Be sure to eat mee kolok, laksa sarawak and mihun belacan, umai...nyum nyum

hnyhar said...

what is mustafa? sorry..i dunno laa..

hepi holiday!!

Beautiful Life said...

Hynhar: Mustafa tu macam Mydin la kat Malaysia, Kak Nani. Dengar cite, tokey dia beli barang in bulk and pay cash, sbb tuh brg2 dia murah, especially perfume.

Naddiea said...

sis nuwal,

i went to mesra mall last week.suprisingly the mall just like what we have in kan!!my entourage ( 4 of us only hehehe) menghabiskan masa almost 3 hours jalan2 kat situ as if kitorang x de keje nk buat.hahaha...sedangkan masa tu kami on da way nk balik kampung kt K.Trg.

anyway,salam perkenalan from me...kalo x silap kite satu skolah menengah rasanyer..emmmm

Beautiful Life said...

Sis Naddiea,

Hi! Welcome to my blog, hope you like it.

I pun tak pernah pegi mesra Mall ni, my mum and dad dh pegi. Maybe nak buat trip pegi Paka sometime in March.

Anyway, ur face looks familiar, tp rasa kita tak sama kelas eh? U junior I ker? kalau u ada facebook, boleh tengok gambar u dgn lebih jelas lagi:)