Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Indecent Exposure

Yesterday evening, on my way back home from work, there was a bit of a jam from Condo Bestari out to Jalan Ipoh. It's a shortcut way I used from PWTC to get to Jalan Pekeliling instead of using the main Jalan Ipoh. While my car was stuck in traffic in between a chinese restaurant and a mamak shop, I saw one chinese lady with her two girls, one aged around 4 years old, the other around 10 years old in front of the Chinese restaurant. Then I saw that the younger girl was taking a leak (pissing) over a small drainage sewer while her mother was watching. This incedent was by the sidewalk, and her bum was exposed for all to see. Her mother then coolly wiped her bum with tissue and carelessly tossed the tissue into the sewer.
Euuwwww! As if the incident was not enough to convince me that Chinese people are indeed pengotor and tak malu , the girl then continued to play with her sister, all the while leaving her bum bare, again for all us motorists stuck in the traffic to see. Not that I derived any pleasure from it, more of disgust and disbelieve. I was waiting what would happen next. She continued to play for several minutes in that condition, then did she pull up her pants. Unbelieveably, her mother did not say anything to the child about her indecent exposure. Right in front of that restaurant was a junction with Kolej Bestari situated at the front. There were a bunch of Nepalese guard loitering in front of the building. Maybe some of them were looking at the little girl or not, I wasn't entirely sure.
In my mind I was wondering if the mother's lack of security and protection on the decency of her child might cause harm to the child later on. I mean, if your child's bum is hanging out for all to see, isn't that like some kind of invitation to perverts and paedophile to do something to the child, harming, sexually abusing and worse, killing her when he is done with her. Look at what happened to Nurin. I wouldn't be surprised if something did happen to that girl. It is clearly the negligence on the parent's part to supervise the actions and decency of their child which resulted in an open invitation to bad things.


noreez said...

true..very true..that is exactly why..i'm so very protective of my daughter. weird how people just totally forget about what have happen to Nurin before.sigh

kerabu Jantung said...

Now you know how worried parents are when their daughters come back late,without notifiying or just conviniently switch off their mobile!