Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Original Trivia from Hynhar

Originally I received this trivia first from Endless Love but because I was on leave the whole of last week and couldn't get access to my favourite pic, I decided to put it on hold. Finally was back in the office and able to upload my picture and consequently, answer this trivia. So Hynhar, here goes:

1. Do you think you are hot?'s a state of mind...I don't care if other people don't think I'm hot, I know I'm Hot!!!

2. Upload your favourite picture of you.

3. Why do you like that picture?
Because I look cheery and fresh and kurus (sikit)...this picture was taken on my wedding day 2 years ago, around 4 pm in my mum's backyard garden. I was actually dog-tired from all the picture taking and excitement. But, damn! I do look good and Hot! (even with all the teeth) If I may say so...hehehe

4. When was the last time you ate pizza?
Last two weeks, a few colleagues in the office wanted to have some mid-afternoon snack, and we ordered 2 Domino's regular, one seafood and one meat mania. But I love Domino's New York crust pizza with the awesome foursome flavour!

5. The last song you listened to?
"Mengapa Kasih" by Double Take

6. What are you doing right now besides this?
Doing report...neverending...*sigh*

7. What name would you prefer besides this?
Fadhilah...that's my other name, which is hardly ever use...

Now, I would like to tag new victims to do it...hehehe
1. La Signora
2. Noreez Azlan
3. Silent Scribbler
4. Ms Fantaghiro
5. Ziahlicious

8. Who is no. 1?
She is a very weird lady who lives in Adelaide with her other half and pet cat Pancho and happens to be my friend since Uni days..

9. No. 3 is having relationship with?
With her other half, Sad, who works together with her in the same institution. Not sure if she is a cat person, though....what say u, Ash?

10. Say something about no. 5?
She is my Uni mate, and we were friends with La Signora and the Silent Scribbler. Lost touch for a while but thru the hands of fate, reunited in the cyber world thru our love of blogging:) she is a wonderful mother to baby K and is also expecting her no.2 baby. Loves cats especially orange ones...

11. How about no. 4?
Is my confidante, best friend and was there for me thru the years. We knew each other since Matrix and main camp but got very close till now. But she doesn't blog. She just encourages me to blog for her entertainment....what a selfish woman!! Hmph!! But she does loves black cats...

12. Who is no. 2?

A long lost friend from school and reunited again when both of us lived in KL. Currently a homemaker and mother to her Princess, and pet owner of Binky, the cat who was attacked by ants recently.

So there you have it!!


fantaghiro said...

why bother blogging when i have u to entertain me? ekekekeeke!!

TiNiE said...

wei...mmg cantik gambo tuuu...

Silent Scribbler said...

dearest kak nuwal, yes, i'm a cat person, but not as much like you, signora and ziahlicious. he he he he. I will do this tag nanti. btw, the pic is really gorgeous, you looked very happy there. ;-)

la Signora said...

aku ditag lagi!!!By the way, ♥ the picture.

Beautiful Life said...

Fantaghiro: cess....gua dah tau lu mesti jawab macam tuh...

Tinie: makacih la...tak sia2 aku tunggu naik keje utk tunjuk gambo nih heheh ada kamera baru yer...

Silent Scribbler: at least you like that's okay...pasal gambar: thanks :) wedding day mah...mesti la happy hehe

La Signora: Put your best pic aahhh...actually ada byk syok gik on the day, but always got hubby in the frame...

noreez said...

yuhuu chek kak..dah siap dah tag ku..gambar tok gila DDG.Siyes:|

*DDG=Drop Dead Gorgeous.

ziahlicious said...

yea! yea! another tag!!!!! btw, i LOVE double take... especially the song 'dahil saiyo'..... very romantika d'amor!

hnyhar said...

i really love that picture!!
u look so pretty n charming n HOT!!

Thanx 4 answering those qns..

Beautiful Life said...

Noreez: Ok aku dh nanggah gambar...kacak juak...gambar sblm kau pindah ker Damansara kah?

Ziah: Hey...another Double Take fan! Tho I'ashamed to say I only got that one song which I played over and opver again. Nanti nak cari cd Double Take....maybe u can email me the song...?

Hynhar: Toceh2x atas puji-pujian...skrg dh chubby so amik gmbr tak cun, tu yg malas letak gambar latest....nanti tag la saya lagi yer...