Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Eye Candy: Simon Baker

Pics courtesy of IMDB


This is Simon Baker, Australian actor. He is the reason why I must be at home by 7pm nowadays, in order to catch his performance in AXN as the brilliant but stoic lawyer Nick Fallin in the series "The Guardian". He is currently starring in the new series "The Mentalist" as Patrick Jane, which is about a mentalist/clairvoyant turned private investigator to help police solve cases. Of course this series haven't hit Malaysia yet, but I'm looking out for the DVD release from the ever resourful DVD supplier, Raja.

Where Have I Seen Him Before?
You may have seen him in Devil Wears Prada, where he played Christian Thompson, the character who seduces Andy (Anne Hathaway). He was also in the movie "Sex & Death: 101" as the lead character Roderick Blank together with Winona Ryder. And for horror film fans, he starred in The Ring Two as Max Rourke. Hmmm...he always got nice name to go with his characters.

Reasons Why He's My Eye Candy:
Obvious talent (won Logie Award for Best new talent, and nominated for AFI and Golden Globe awards), intensity in potrayal of character, puppy eyes, golden locks, hot bod, and seemingly intelligent persona. Although he was formerly a brick layer. 'nuff said.


la Signora said...

Oooh, I ♥ his cheeky smile.I so love the show THE MENTALIST eventhough some of the episodes are blah, but me need me dose of Simon Baker.He's like...an Adonis.Nyam nyam.

fantaghiro said...

he's cute!!!!

sue said...

his look is so typically aussie. He reminds me much of the late Heath Ledger..and a bit Mel Gibson but younger..hehe..The Mentalist? errmm..need to check it out later.. ;)

Beautiful Life said...

La Signora: U've watched The Mentalist? I'm jealous!! I don't care if it's a bit boring in some episodes, I just love to watch him:)

Fantaghiro: I know, that's why he's my eye candy hehehe

Sue: Yes, he does look a bit like Heath Ledger, but he doesn't sound Australian at all. Actually, this is not his best pic for his face, more like an overall look...

la Signora said...

Yeah, he does get nice character names.Almost a ripoff from 'em Judith McNaught novels.There's just something about him that's so appealing.The guy next door persona I suppose.

Ah, my Adonis.I'm picturing him in a loincloth.