Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Updates for Jan 2009

Nothing much to write about. So I just summarize whatever I was thinking about these past few days:

1. Writing Project
Am now helping Fezin with his travelogue project by rallying round some friends from UIA, as he needs more articles to [ut inside. To date, he already received 10 articles from various writers and non-writers. Famous people like Faisal Tehrani and Saharil have contributed in the travelogue. I told Fezin that the others, including yours truly, are virtually unknown in the writing world, and he said "hey, it's the experience that counts!". If he doesn't have enough articles, this project may be canned. What a shame!

2. Movies
We, as in hubby and me, haven't been to the cinema in a long, long time. I can't even remember what was the last movie we saw together, but I think it may be sometime in August 2008. I been entertaining myself with DVDs. There are lots of interesting movies around like "The Twilight" (maybe just catch the DVD), "The Spirit" (my colleagues said it's stupid, but Ash seemed to like it!), "Australia" (I love Nicole Kidman, but her British accent in the movie sounds more Australian than British).

3. Exercise
After reading "He Loves Lucy", about an advertising exec who gets to slim down in reality tv, I was inspired to do a bit of exercise myself. Haven't exercised in ages. I promised myslef that once I bought my car, I would be able to exercise by going back early and go jogging in a nearby park around my housing. Never got round to it. So last night I did some yoga, just the basic breathing exercise plus some yoga movements like cobra stretch, sun pose, seated sun pose, baby pose, etc. None of that hanky panky chantings. Seemed that I did sweat quite a lot during yoga, means I'm burning calorie. But yoga is more warm up for me, I still need to do some cardio exercise. Didn't have my Kathy Smith Kickboxing DVD, instead I ended up dancing to JLo's videoclip!!

4. Work
Still doing that report which is due by end of this week, then it's going to be presented to a focus group and finally the Management for approval. If everything goes well, by March 2009 we will start with a new study on tourists dispersion throughout Malaysia. That means visiting some tourists attractions around Malaysia. Yay! Can't wait. Other news on office, my Director's been changed again. It's been 3 Directors changed within 4 months of me working there. When will this stop??

5. Going away
First going away project of the year is during CNY, which is about 4 days, and we are going back to Rompin. I know it's my kampung but it's been ages since last I went back. Can't wait to go back for nasi dagang for breakfast, singgang fior lunch, keropok lekor for tea and eating out for dinner! Other projects in the pipeline: possible going to Paka for Ms Fantaghiro's birthday late March, Taman Negara trip in May and Taiping Zoo's Night Safari by end of the year.

That's all for updates today...


Qirzah said...

Dont exercise. Waste of time. To help you slim down, just get sick. VERY VERY sick like I did, and now . . . . Lihat lah dunia!

KerabuJ antung said...

Ayah dan mak would love to join you for Taman Negara trip. We planned to go there since you were 5 years old!Those day they said TN is indah rupa dari khabar. I hope now it is not indah khabar dari rupa

hnyhar said...

wow..terer auntie main pusing2 dgn peribahasa tu..

Beautiful Life said...

Qirzah: Hmm....I HAVE to loose weight the traditional way, or else it wouldn't last. I wish it were that easy to loose weight, but being sick sucks...I still remember me being sick after ramadhan. I guess I wouldn't trade my health for loosing weight.

Kerabu Jantung aka Mum: Ok will include you guys in my head count:) nowadays, they say that Taman Negara is indah khabar dr rupa coz the hotels are quite run down. Of course this is from the perspective of tourism, I'm not sure about the nature, though. But still Taman Negara is a must do in travel around Malaysia.

Hynhar: Yeah, memula pusing gak kepala tengok peribahasa ni, rasa macam lain jer....rupa2nya dh corrupted hehehe

Silent Scribbler said...

Kak, best lah the spirit. Tgk DVD cetak rompak worth it lah... he he he he. :-P

Beautiful Life said...

Ash: wokeh...nanti I cari on DVD. Still have more to see: Charlie Bartlett (tak tau cite lama atau baru, etc...