Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Teluk Gorek

Chinese New Year 2009: me, my mum and my hubby (the designated driver) went back to my mum's hometown in Rompin, Pahang. Balik kampung la la la balik kampung.....

This entry is more on our trip to Teluk Gorek, which is situated in Endau, and a good 45 minutes drive from Rompin. My aunty, who'd been there last year was so enthusiastic about Teluk Gorek coz she said that it is so beautiful as it is situated in a bay, the water was blue and the surrounding so serene. So we were all sold on the idea to go picnic at Teluk Gorek. We brought homemade nasi lemak, sambal udang, keropok goreng, popia otak2.

At first glance, Teluk Gorek was like any other beaches around Endau like Pantai Penyabong. We forgot one major factor, it is still monsoon season in the east coast, therefore the water would still be dark and treacherous. The waves were quite big, so have to be careful if swimming in the sea at this time of the year. My aunty claimed that when she went last year the water was blue and calm.

Anyway, we settled down at one of the private beach, which we have to pay RM3 per head for usage of facility such as parking, toilet, surau even the picnic area. It was quite clean, and eventhough there were lots os people, but everyone had their own space and privacy. So we settled down at a particularly shaded area, and just relax....

Hubby looking out to sea

View of beach at Teluk Gorek

Brilliant blue sky at 1 o'clock

Teritip growing on the rocks

In between the rocks, we saw ikan tembakul hopping around. They were too fast for my camera to capture...

Waves hitting the rocks

Hole in the rock

Teluk Gorek was actually a pantai bakau area, and the pointy shoots were actually its young roots starting to grow

Pukat set by the nelayan by the beach, when the tide is high, it will capture sea creatures. We saw mostly dead fishes and crabs caught in the net.

Teritip clinging on to rocks

Mum picking out teritip shell but there were no meat left, all been picked out long ago

This is used by nelayan to tie their boats when the tide is up. Teritip clinging on to the foot of the wood...

A nelayan's abandoned net...

This funny thing which mum said is the sand that crabs dug out, looked like a stool or even a very long earthworm

Feets in Teluk Gorek, we've been here!!

A boy proudly dispalying his marine aquarium

Small crabs and shells still alive

Not much to do in Teluk Gorek except relax and wander around the beach. It was a nice retreat after the hustle and bustle of Kuala Lumpur.......maybe will go there again when the monsoon season is off and the water return to blue and calm. I also have half a mind to go to Tasik Chini in July/August when the lotus is in full bloom.

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