Sunday, 4 January 2009

My Favourite Views of Kuching

Managed to upload some photos from my last trip to Kuching sometime late November. Pictures taken on my last day in Kuching when I took a walk around Kuching from Holiday Inn, pass by the Main Bazaar, to Bangunan Yayasan Sarawak and the carpark behind for a mee kolok. Walk again till Satok and turn around back to hotel before catching my flight in the afternoon.

Bangunan Yayasan Sarawak on the left hand side of the pic, with the foodcourt behind in yellow building. Also, Masjid Jamek on top of a little hill at the end of the road.

Bot penambang and the Sarawak river

Rajah Brooke monument in front of the Waterfront

The Indian Mosque Lane or Jalan Masjid India.
I met Anita Sarawak once in 1995 browsing inside one of the textile shops, with her then husband the guy from the Commodore group. She still had long black hair, Cleopatra style, complete with heavy bangs in front. She had on a smart suit with a very short skirt and long legs....still young and beautiful at that time...

Used to be my favourite shopping haunts, and still it hadn't changed. As if time stood still in Kuching, all the things same like 13 years ago.

I cannot believe that this bus service still exists!! The bus I took from home in Petra Jaya to go to tuition center behind Hilton Hotel and I'd walk quite a bit from the bus terminal.

And voila! Hopoh Shooping center still exist! My mum hated this shopping centre back then because it's so lousy...this pic is for u mum!

My tuition are behind Hilton this view as it is normally very peaceful and serene...not many cars around..

And my tuition centre, which has now been transformed to the Pinnacle Kuching Lodge. Last time, there used to be a bar instead of 7 Eleven beneath my tuition. There still exist the big wooden door which served as the entrance to the bar from the side of the building by the stairs...was shocked to see this changed coz I always tell my friends that my tuition centre is on top of a bar hehe


Kerabu Jantung said...

Auntie Neni just asked bila mak nak pergi Kuching lagi.

salzahari said...

i went to Kuching last Thursday, a 3D 2N holiday with hubby's family..stayed at riverside.Good location, nearby souvenir shops and malls.

Kuching tak byk tourist attractions ka? self-drive make us lost..haha.not enough and specific signboards! yet the weather is bad (rainy all the 3days).

so end up we just spent our money on souvenirs! souvenirs are affordable....

Beautiful Life said...

Sal: Patut la lama jer tak update...yeah signboards in Kuching mmg tak byk, best enjoy the area on foot, especially shopping in Main Bazaar!

Anyway, hope u went to Kg Budaya Sarawak, Sepilok Wildlife for Orang Utan (ada dlm previous posting aku)...

Anonymous said...

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