Saturday, 17 January 2009

Things that I witnessed recently

Just a collection of some things that I was privy to witness and amused by it sometime this week which were:

13 Jan 2009, Tuesday
The Dewangga Sakti group entertained us during Anugerah Khas Pengurusan at Saloma Bistro, of which I was a recipient. They were formerly IIUM students but have formed this group that played traditional/malay folk ensamble. Knew one of the founding members, Mohsen Amdan back in Uni days since he was my batch. He was very active then with Gamelan group. Anyway, this group was playing classic songs that nite along the lines of asli, zapin, inang music.

15 Jan 2009, Thursday
An ongoing shooting of a Malay drama at the 24-hour mamak restaurant called Siti Zubaidah in Danau Kota , near the new Uptown night market. The actors were not in action yet, but we managed to see the crew walking about setting up lights and equipments for the actual shoot. Me and hubby were in the car stopping at a traffic light at that time, waiting for it to turn green. Hubby managed to snap a picture of it:

16 Jan 2009, Friday
1. Malay men at the Redbox Karaoke, Pavillion at 1pm on a FRIDAY going into karaoke room or taking their food at the buffet table inside the karaoke area. Me and two friends were there as well for a session of ladies only karaoke during the long lunch break. I must say that the men were quite embarrassed to see us there. Couldn't see us in the eyes...shame on you, guys!

2. A black and white cat trying to cross the main road in front of the surau Taman Melati on my way back home. He was by the side of the road, watching the traffic flow and tentatively trying to cross. Once I passed by him, I looked behind using my rear view mirror, and to my amazement, the cat managed to cross the road safely. Thank God he was not hit by a motorist.

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